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What is a Whois service for?

First of all, Whois allows you to quickly and free of charge find out if a domain is free. If information on a domain name is not included in whois and is not issued in the results of a domain check, then the domain name is free and, with a high degree of probability, can be registered.

However, Whois is popular not only for checking a domain for occupancy, because it is possible to determine whether a domain is free in the process of choosing a name in a domain zone. The main value of the service is that it contains all the information about the domain, and usually allows you to get data about the history of the domain and its owner.

What can be checked in the Whois domain check service

The Whois service allows you to collect information about a site by domain: see the age of the domain and the date when the registration is completed, the current DNS servers, who is the registrar, and also find out whose site.

Below we analyze what data can be obtained after checking the domain in the Whois service.

How to find out who owns a domain

Sometimes users want to know who owns a site, for example, to suggest an ad placement to the administrator. It is not possible to find out the owner of a domain in the Whois service in all cases: personal data is often protected at the level of registrars or hidden according to the rules of registries.

If you do not know in whose name the domain is registered, the service allows you to contact the owner of the domain name through the feedback form.

How to find out the domain registration date, expiration date

In Whois, you can check the age of the site by the date of registration of the domain, which is indicated in the "created" field. Although the date of domain registration does not always coincide with the age of the resource, it still helps to roughly estimate when the site was created.

The “paid-till” field will become important for interested domains, indicating the date until which the domain was paid. Accordingly, it can be called the end date of domain registration.

Checking the age and history of a domain is important not only when buying a domain name, information about the terms of domain registration is useful when making transactions, choosing partners, and simply analyzing information posted on the Internet. Fraudsters often create one-day sites with great deals, so it’s worth checking the site before buying. A newly registered domain is a good reason to doubt the purity of the intentions of the authors of the message.

How to find out where a domain is registered

Whois can be used to find information about a domain registrar. It is indicated in the "registrar" field. Sometimes data about the registrar is needed for the court, for example, if a domain dispute has arisen.

How to determine website hosting by domain

You can find out on which hosting the site is hosted by the “nserver” field, which contains a list of DNS servers that support the domain.

This is a simple, but not always reliable way to find out the hosting provider of the site. Sometimes site owners delegate the domain to free DNS servers, and the site data is stored with another hosting provider.

How to find out the current DNS of a domain

We wrote above about where you can see the list of DNS servers for a domain in the Whois service. The procedure is the same as when determining hosting: you must enter the domain name in the Whois search box, after receiving the answer, find the "nserver" field. It contains the actual DNS of the domain.

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