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Checking website availability

If there is a problem with the web server on which your website is located, access to it may be lost. In this case, visitors will not be able to get to your website. If we detect that your website is not responding, we will send you a notice.

IP, IPv6 and NameServers control

Daily checking IP, IPv6 and Nameservers of your websites. If we detect that they have changed, we will send you a notice.

Domain expiration control

If you own many domain names, you may encounter the problem of tracking the expiration date for each of them. We will send you a notification about approach to the expiration period for each of your domains.


Service example

Why do you need to know the domain registration expiration date?

Think about how much work you need to put into the site. If you don't know when your domain name is expiring, then all the hard work you've put into your website and brand development will go to waste. Yes, right now the domain is yours, but ownership can slip through your fingers if you're not careful and careful. Here's a good tip to avoid the worst - just activate automatic domain renewal!If you know a dead site with a good domain name, or if you want to keep track of certain domains, you'll probably want to know when their registrations expire so you can be sure to buy them when the auction starts.

What happens when a domain registration expires?

When the domain registration period expires, the following process starts: as a rule, first, hosts contact the site owner who paid for it in order to renew the registration. After that, a grace period begins, when the site owner can buy the domain back by paying a small commission in addition to the corresponding cost. If the owner does not take any action, the domain is put up for auction. If no one wants to buy it, the domain will be transferred back to the registrar, after which anyone can buy it.

How does this service work? This service is quite simple - just paste the domain name into the text field and click "Add". The domain expiration service will determine if the domain is available and provide you with a link to buy or renew it.

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