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The pages of your website will load faster if the code of JavaScript files is compressed. To do this, use our simple JS minify tool. In some cases, you can compress JavaScript file by more than 90%, which allows to increase the speed of pages downloading on the website. This is especially important for mobile visitors. Sites that load faster are ranked higher in the search engine. As a result website will get more visitors.

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Why compress JS source code:

The compressed script gives you faster web page load times, thereby increasing the bandwidth of your site. It will take the user less time to wait for the page to load completely. Compressed JavaScript also reduces traffic (the amount of data transferred).

Removing comments, whitespace plus JS optimizations will reduce file size and speed up execution time.
Website loading speed is one of the key methods in Seo resource optimization.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language aimed at interaction between a user and an object. This element is usually used on all modern web resources, creating an interactive environment.

Each site builder uses third-party extensions for greater functionality of his site, which, in turn, use all kinds of scripts. The same applies to various counters and banners, with, frankly, disgusting java scripts.

What does unoptimized Javascript mean? This indicator is affected by extra spaces, characters, line breaks, etc.

Why Optimize JavaScript?

A well-written java script can significantly speed up website loading. Some hosting uses gzip compression, which reduces the amount of scripts connected. Although this has a downside to the coin, as time is wasted on unpacking them.

How easy is it to compress java scripts?

Of course, if you have the skills or specialization that allows you to easily understand this programming language, you can find errors manually. Another thing is when you have to carry out dances with tambourines, thereby destroying the site.

If you belong to the second audience, the solution will be to use special online services.


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