Checking Backlinks To The Site

The tool will help you check if the backlinks to your site are working on other resources where you bought or rented them. If the link is found, the page will be highlighted in green. And you will receive a message in the mail that the link has been removed.

Check Links


Why do you need a service for checking the links installed on the site?


Make sure of the conscientiousness of the webmasters on whose sites you have placed the links. Check if your partner complies with the agreements - on which pages the link is posted, what is its anchor and text environment;

Control the natural growth of the link mass. For sites of any age, it is important that the growth of the link mass is gradual and smooth, so as not to fall under the sanctions of search engines;

Track closed or deleted links. If you've bought and rented links from other sites, make sure they still work;

Estimate the link mass of the site when buying on the exchange. So that the seller does not deceive you, use our service and check the backlinks of the site yourself.
Also, using a backlink checker service, you can evaluate the link mass of competitors.

How does a backlink checker work?

Enter the site address and in the field below add pages that have links to your site.

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