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Here you can quickly and free of charge take a full screenshot of the site in high resolution and without watermarks. This will require only a link to the page from which you want to receive a photocopy.

You can create a long screenshot of the entire page, not just the first screen. But if you wish, you can also limit the height in order to screen only its upper part or half.

To take an online screenshot, you only need the full URL of the page. Since our robot has access only to those resources that any user can get to without entering captchas, logins and passwords, this address must be in the public domain.

So, to get a long photocopy of a web page, you need to paste its address into the "Enter URL" input field and click the "Take a screenshot" button. The website can be screened in full size or adjusted to the size you need (width and height), as well as save a photo copy of the page in a reduced scale.

We have tried to develop the most simple and convenient online service where you can take a screenshot of a web page. The trial version works for 7 days! For a week of free use, you can explore all the features and take 100 photos of websites without watermarks, branding or backlinks. Use this opportunity!
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