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The reader currently contains almost 20 sources (blogs) of both ordinary webmasters and professional studios / companies. The list will constantly grow with the emergence of new interesting resources. Forget about feedli and similar services.

���� Be always up to date
The reader automatically adds new articles and you just need to go to the site to get a portion of new information.

���� Choose a heading to read
Are you only interested in personal blogs or only professional companies? Not a problem. In your profile settings, choose which categories to display in the feed.

���� Add to favorites posts
You can add articles you like to favorites to read from later or make your own selection in this way. It is enough to register.

���� Read the best of the week / month / year
Thanks to the ranking system and the counting of conversions, you can select the most popular articles and read them at your leisure.

���� Read on anything
The lightweight and responsive design allows the site to load quickly even with a poor connection on a smartphone or tablet.

���� Without unnecessary functionality (nothing distracts)
You come to the reader for information and therefore nothing should distract you. Only the most needed (favorites, rating, sorting, search).


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