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Now we will figure out how to quickly and easily crop a photo, resize a photo, work on the size of a picture not only in Photoshop. but also in online services (after all, Photoshop is not always at hand).

Why crop a picture or resize a photo?
Why crop a photo? Let's say you were photographed on the seashore, but in the corner of the frame there is an unfamiliar guy lying on the sand. It spoils the frame, doesn't it? You didn't want to photograph him, but it just so happened. You can get rid of it in just a couple of minutes and enjoy a wonderful shot, where not a single detail distracts attention from you.

Or like this: you have a rectangular photo, but you need a square one! You will not stretch the frame, because you will violate the proportions, but cropping it is the way out!

It is often necessary to resize a photo. Suppose you decide to link a photo on the forum or add a picture to the site. It often happens that the maximum image sizes are limited, and your photo is larger. Therefore, you will have to resize the photo.

Want to print a photo? Again, you will have to resize the picture, because the photo paper is in a standard format. If you send a photo of a different format for printing, then it will be cut off automatically and an important part of it may not be printed. Therefore, it is better to submit files to the darkroom.

What do you need to know to properly crop or resize a photo online?

Cropping a photo is called cropping (crop). Most photo editors call this function just that. In more advanced editors, you can keep the aspect ratio of the original image or set your own. Simple programs provide a frame of any format when trimming. If you don't care about the size and aspect ratio of the final image, and you are cropping to improve the composition, then feel free to use our program.

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