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Visual HTML editor or HTML editor - an editor for the source code of web pages that supports the HTML markup language. Usually divided into source editor and WYSIWYG editors, they may also be able to edit source code.

HTML editors are designed specifically for software products. For example, substitution or entire page templates, syntax highlighting. WYSIWYG offshoots can act as a website builder. Each editor is exclusive and has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The free visual HTML code editor is convenient for translating MS Word documents into HTML code, as well as for similar tasks or OnLine editing.

For the tool, the HTML editor CKEditor was chosen, which is already loved by many users.

Free WYSIWYG HTML Code Editors
Free visual editors are designed to work with the content of the site and is embedded in the CMS.

NicEdit HTML Editor
NicEdit is a sophisticated visual editor alternative that integrates easily into CMS.

Volumetric, somewhat difficult to study.

WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE
TinyMCE (Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor) is a platform-independent JavaScript HTML WYSIWYG Web-based editor. The main characteristics of the program for protecting themes / templates, language support and the ability to connect modules (plugins). Used in various content management systems (CMS).

The editor allows you to insert pictures, tables, specify the design, styles of text, video.

Visual HTML editor CKEditor
CKEditor is a free WYSIWYG editor that can be used on web pages.

Prior to version 3.0, it was called FCKeditor ("FCK" on behalf of the creator editor, Frederico Caldeira Knabben), but changed the name so as not to be associated with common curse words in English.

A feature of the editor is its small size without the need for installation on the client side.

YUI Rich Text Editor
Visual editor for sites from Yahoo, comes in several versions, has good ergonomics.

Several versions of the visual editor are offered, differing in functionality. Easy content editing is available in any version.

JQuery plugin that supports HTML, BBcode, Wiki syntax. It is not a generally accepted WYSIWYG editor, but offers its functionality. Easy to use and very compact.

HTML editor WYMeditor
An open source WYSIWYM text editor written in the JavaScript programming language for editing content on web pages.

The Russian-speaking audience knows little about WYMeditor. In addition, it is not very convenient to process large texts in it. The basic functionality is provided - the design of text, images, links. There is a good visual component, it produces clean code in just one line, which reduces the weight of the final HTML code. Support for API, plugins is provided.

WYSIWYG editor OpenWysiwyg
Cross-browser visual editor that works online. You don't need to download it to your PC. A lot of messages about pop-up elements are different, so the functionality does not take up much space on the screen.

Perfectly knows how to work with huge tables. Minus - it does not work in Google Chrome and does not integrate into the CMS.

Editors for developing websites and HTML pages
If a free visual editor in most cases is intended to work with site content and is embedded in a CMS, then paid WYSIWYG editors provide html coders and programmers to create web projects.

Kors-Site is a professional program for creating websites and online stores. Automatic creation of the site menu, visual editor of Internet pages that does not require knowledge of HTML. Image processing, incl. reduction and compression. Organization of a system of orders from the site. Working with product catalogs.

Adobe dreamweaver
Dreamweaver (Dreamviver) - visual HTML-editor from Adobe. Originally developed and maintained by Macromedia, up to version 8 (2005). The next versions, starting with Dreamweaver CS3 (2007), are released by Adobe.

It is a large and complex program that has everything you need to create HTML pages in its interface: menu bar, style bars, inserts, documents, tools, code generation, as well as a property inspector and a tag selector.

Also attached are Adobe Bridge, Fireworks, Flash and others extensions. All functionality is managed by the Extension Manager application.

Web page builder
The software is simple, delivered in English, but there is a version with a Russian interface.

Knowledge of HTML is not required. The work takes place exclusively with the mouse - for the future text, fields are outlined, headings, fonts, pictures are drawn up, and everything is inserted into the marked text field. There are no generally accepted wizards.

You can create a page on the proposed template or yourself. Provided for use

Usage of CSS, Java, links, tables, pictures, Flash, Media, frames, forms.

WebSite X5
WebSite X5 is a program that helps you create professional websites, online stores and blogs step by step.

The main principle of this software is that a step-by-step website development is applied. The main mode is visual using templates that come with the kit (there are more than 500 of them). But you can create your own templates using graphics and applications.

WebSite X5 has a wide range of functions, it works fast, you will find a lot of training material on the Internet.

Russified visual editor. Simple, fast, without unnecessary elements, functional, helps to create pages of any complexity.

Among the shortcomings can be called the lack of a ruler for aligning objects and grouping them, a meager set of templates. There are no ready-made blogs, RSS, guest books, online stores in the templates, but the ability to work with the code significantly expands the functionality.

The site is created as a single * .wsp file. It is published directly to the server through the built-in program, and the necessary set of several files is created.

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