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The service allows you to carry out a massive check of the authority of the MOZ Rank domains - DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

How to check MOZ Rank?

ust copy the list of URLs into the form and click on the "Check" button. After the analysis, it is possible to export the results to CSV.

The following MOZ parameters are checked:

DA (Domain Authority) - an assessment of the authority of a domain on a 100-point scale. The MOZ DA parameter shows the overall quality of the site (the evaluation criteria are closed and calculated, among other things, using machine learning algorithms).

PA (Page Authority) - shows the authority of individual pages.

Rank - the site's score is calculated on a 10-point scale from 0 to 10. The higher the MOZ Rank, the more the site meets the MOZ quality criteria.

Link - shows the number of links to the site according to the MOZ version. How is DA (Domain Authority) calculated?

There are over 100 factors that Moz uses to calculate domain authority.

Some of them:

The number of links issued to the site
The quality of these links
The amount of traffic received by the site
The amount of content on the site
Content quality
Domain age (when it first appeared on Google, not when the domain name was first registered)
Number of social signals
Site speed
Moz trust (trust is calculated by Moz itself)
How to improve domain authority (DA)?
Get more inbound links with high authority
Get more traffic links
Receive fewer spam links
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