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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai simply finished hosting the ‘Google for
India’ event. There was lots to discuss and gift and Google will appear
to be serious about each its current and future comes that it plans to
bring to Asian country.

Indeed the ‘Google for Asian country’
event is simply the primary step to showcase the company’s plans for
India and below are the key takeways from the event:

Android users in Asian country to surpass those in USA

to the what several expected, there was little mention regarding
Google’s next step with the robot One platform. On the opposite hand,
Google CEO, Sundar Pichai predicted that by 2016, there will be
additional robot users in india as compared to the USA.

New field to come back up in Hyderabad

are building a brand new field in Hyderabad. this can be done to build
Google’s engineering presence and business within the country. The
search large also will begin field recruitments in city and Hyderabad
for a similar.Google declared a program to coach 2 million new robot
developers over following 3 years by operating closely with quite thirty
universities across the country.

Free public Wi-Fi at a hundred railway stations by 2016

its aim to accelerate web adoption in Asian country, Google is
functioning to create a public Wi-Fi network. This it plans to try and
do with Indian Railways and RailTel’s facilitate to deliver free Wi-Fi
at train stations.

Chromebit stick laptop

According to
Google CEO tools, Sundar Pichai, the Chromebit stick is capable of turning any
monitor into a pc helping several access the net with their TVs.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

the search giant’s efforts to form it product higher accessible to
users in India. Google showed off however Accelerated Mobile Pages have
improved access speeds. additionally showcased was a “lighter” version
of Search results with a lot of quicker loading times that also provided
increased traffic for publishers.

Tap to translate currently supports additional Indian languages

showcased the tap to Translate a second translate feature that works as
merely as lightness text on the screen to translate it.No additional
copy/paste, no more app shift, simply instant translations.” also demoed
was real-time translation via the optical lens.

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